Witness our new trend of Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki and Yakiniku at “Hajime” Robot Restaurant where the innovation begins! The first in Thailand where the genius robots serve food to you without waiter/ress manpower, “Hajime” Robot Restaurant will give you the “awesome” dining experience with our real Japanese dishes of over 100 items in the menu for your choices.

What makes us different is “Hajime” Robot, all produced in Japan and developed by Thai engineers. Hajime Robot has lots of abilities such as gesture expression, dancing along the rhythm as well as serving the food. Not only its cute appearance impresses the customers, but also “Hajime” Robot’s intellect does its job.

The robot, for instance, will take away empty dishes automatically from your table (return window.). While our two out of four robots are preparing food in the kitchen, the other two are to accurately serve the food right at your table via the touch screen order system.

Visit and feel our warm authentic

Japanese atmosphere mixed with the innovation, which is worth a try, and enjoy the great taste of our dishes at Hajime Robot Restaurant.